About Blackberries 


Blackberries are members of the Rubus family. They tolerate poor growing conditions but can be pervasive. There are varieties which have thorns and those that do not. Blackberries are brambles and are often found growing wild along roadsides in rural areas. Wildlife and birds thrive on blackberries. The fruit is best and sweetest when left on the canes or vines until fully black and ripe.

Blackberry Care


Select a sunny location with good drainage. Water regularly and deeply for the first year, especially during dry periods. Fertilize with an all purpose fertilizer before the plant comes out of dormancy in the spring. Adding mulch annually to reduces weeds and preserves moisture. If needed, use an insecticidal soap during the growing season to control insect pests. Thin blackberry canes in winter by one third, removing the oldest canes and any dead wood each year.

Our Blackberry Varieties
Chester Thornless Blackberry
Chester Thornless
Prime Ark Freedom Blackberry
Prime Ark Freedom
Tayberry Blackberry
Triple Crown Blackberry
Triple Crown