About Espaliers 


A great way to grow fruit in a limited space, these trees are pruned to a horizontal multi-tier espalier form and shipped on a wooden trellis.

Espalier Pruning


Pruning and shaping espalier trees is very much a matter of personal preference. Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that pruning stimulates growth. Train the espalier to the structural form you desire such as a trellis, fence or wall. If you have purchased the tree already espaliered, keep it trained in the form which has already been established.


Throughout the growing season, carefully remove developing buds that do not conform to the espalier design. Keeping vertical shoots pruned throughout the season will help encourage fruiting spurs to develop. The remaining buds will gradually grow into branches. Carefully bind these to the espalier guides or frames. Prune or remove any growth that is not consistent with the overall desired shape. Be careful not to remove all fruit buds when pruning. Thin fruit if the weight poses problems with structural integrity.

Espalier Varieties
Espaliered Apple
Espaliered Apple
Asian Pear Espaliered
Asian Pear
European Pear Espaliered
European Pear