About Kiwi 


The Kiwi Vine or Chinese Gooseberry produces fruit only when there are male and female plants growing in close proximity. These vines perform best when grown on a trellis or some other means of structural support. The fruit produced has a unique and desirable sweetness. The size of the fruit depends on the variety and can range from the size of an extra-large pecan to an extra-large walnut. The skin of the fruit is an excellent source of antioxidants and whole fruit is high in Vitamin C and has similar potassium content by weight as bananas.

Kiwi Care


Select a sunny location with good drainage to plant kiwis. Water regularly and deeply for the first year, especially during dry periods. Fertilize with an all purpose fertilizer before the plant comes out of dormancy in the spring. Adding mulch annually to reduces weeds and preserves moisture. If needed, use an insecticidal soap during the growing season to control insect pests. Train kiwi vines to a sturdy fence or trellis for best results. Prune kiwis in winter to remove older vines, keeping one strong trunk and several horizontal branches.
Our Kiwi Varieties
Hardy Anna Kiwi
Hardy Anna
Hardy Male Kiwi
Hardy Male
Hardy Red Kiwi
Hardy Red
Issai Hardy
Issai Hardy