About Lang Jujube

Ziziphus jujube ’Lang’. Chinese dates have been grown for over 4000 years in Asia. Lang has 1.5-2" pear shaped fruit that is ripe when dark brown in the fall. The fruit is crunchy like an apple. Mature tree is 25 ft tall. Dig a hole twice as wide as the container to give the roots plenty of room to grow out. Mix the loose soil with one-third organic matter. Take the tree out of the container and cut the roots vertically with the shovel to initiate new root development. Place tree in hole slightly above the ground level. Cover the root ball with the loose soil and tamp down gently. Water thoroughly by leaving a hose running slowly to allow the water to fill up the hole and dampen the surrounding area.

Lang Jujube Care

Water regularly and deeply the first year, especially during the dry summer months. After one year, fertilize with an all-purpose fertilizer before the tree leafs out in the spring. Adding mulch annually reduces weeds and preserves moisture. Use a home orchard spray to prevent disease and insect damage. Organic gardeners can be successful by selecting disease-resistant varieties and applying dormant oils and insecticidal soaps during the growing season.

Lang Jujube Pruning

Cut branch tips to encourage new growth, then let the tree’s natural growth habit take over. May require thinning cuts as the tree matures to allow for light penetration.

Our Lang Jujube Varieties

Honey Jar Jujube
Honey Jar
Lang Jujube
Lang Jujube
Shanxi Li Jujube
Shanxi Li