About Lingonberries 


A native of northern Europe and related to the low growing cranberries we are familiar with in the United States. The fruit or berries have a tart flavor and are red in color when ripe. They are rich in Vitamin C, beta carotene or provitamin A, and the elements potassium, phosphorus, calcium and Magnesium. The berries are used in the making of herbal medicines. Lingonberries grow wild in Scandinavia and are widely used in cooking and baking in that part of the world. Lingonberry preserves and jam are as common as liquors in Nordic countries.

Lingonberry Care


Select a sunny location with good soil drainage to plant lingonberries. Water regularly and deeply for the first year, especially during dry periods. Fertilize with an all purpose fertilizer before the plant comes out of dormancy in the spring. If needed, use an insecticidal soap during the growing season to control insect pests. Adding mulch helps control weeds and preserves moisture. Prune annually to remove old wood and increase vigor.

Our Lingonberry Varieties
Red Pearl Lingonberry
Red Pearl